About Me


I am a student who will be going into grade seven this year. I live in Massachussets and have been going to the Fessenden School in Newton for 2 years and am now the Meadowbrook School of Weston. Before going to Fessenden, I was in the Lexington public school system.

My Activites

During the past school year I have done many activities including piano, robotics and golf.


One of my favorite activities is robotics. For four years now, I have competed in the FIRST Lego League tornement. This is a tournement involving the Lego EV3 robots.


I also play the piano. I have been playing for seven years and have taken the Royal Conservatory exams. I have played the piano longer than any other activity, yet it is my least favorite.


Golf is a sport I play year round. During most of the year, I practice indoors at a place called Golf Tec and in the summers, I play in the NEPGA Junior Tour outdoors.